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Pool Cleaner Reviews and Guides

Looking for the best pool cleaner for home use? We are a pool cleaner reviews site where you can read and compare the top pool cleaners on the market. Not all these machines are made equal. They come in various shapes and with different features, which can get one totally confused!

Here you can get all the specifications you need concerning the best pool vacuum cleaners, in order to make an informed choice and understand what model works best for you. We have observed how each model performs and we give the Pros and Cons just as they are. Does that affordable robotic pool cleaner do what it claims to? Is that expensive model worth its price? Will it last for years to come? Go straight to our reviews to find out the answers.

When it comes to reliable and efficient automatic swimming pool cleaners, you can only make a choice after you have known their real strengths and weaknesses. Also, it is immensely helpful to find out what owners have to say. Reviews are thus essential, as they reveal how these devices perform.

Regardless of the pool shape and size, of the region you live in and other aspects, you can weed out the bad and find the best automatic pool cleaner that will not let you down. We help you understand specific features and important differences between brands and models, whether you are looking for a fully automatic pool cleaner or for any other kind. The automatic pool cleaners are in great demand and thus we are reviewing these thoroughly. We’ll let you know who well they handle big and small debris, how many hours it takes to complete a cleaning cycle, how well a cleaner climbs the walls and how long its lasts. Also, we provide you with important maintenance tips.

Helpful Tips When It Comes To Buying Pool Cleaners

Everybody wants a sparkling, fresh, and completely clean pool that they can show off to their friends and neighbors, but this can require some degree of investment, and meticulous care. When your pool starts to look a little bit dirty, there are several ways you can go about cleaning it if you want to bring back that spotless look, and different pool cleaners are often designed to perform different duties, for different sizes, volumes and shapes of pool. This means that you need to be sure you’re selecting the right one for your job if you want some great, effective cleaning. Automatic pool cleaners tend to be one of the most popular purchases, as they allow people to achieve the pool they want without the effort.

Suction Side Pool Cleaners

A suction side pool cleaner is typically constructed using a long hose that joins the filter suction part of the cleaner to the cleaning unit itself. This hose will plug into a pipe that is located beneath the skimmer-basket on the longer side of your pool, and it is possible to buy a leaf-catching pool cleaner adapter that allows the skimmer-basket to be connected to the hose. Once you have your unit connected up and running, the suction side cleaner will move in a seemingly erratic pattern throughout the sides and floor of your pool, using water to propel itself, and brushes at the bottom of the machine to remove debris. This is one of the most economic kinds of pool cleaner available, and they can scrub down the pool wall and floors to remove any clinging dirt that need to be cleaned. However, because these types of cleaners need a pool pump to be running throughout their operation, they can use up more energy than other forms of cleaner.

Pressure Side Pool Cleaners

A Pressure Side Pool cleaner, like a suction side pool cleaner, has a flexible hose which connects the pool’s filter system to an out-take pipe. The cleaning machine itself should come with a filtering bag that gathers the dirt from around the pool as it cleans it. Typically, this type of cleaner will use the pressure that is generated by a booster pump or pool pump to move itself randomly through the pool. Often, pressure side pool cleaners will use wheels to ensure easy movement, but cannot scrub the surfaces in the same way that suction side pool cleaners can. Because they come with equipped with filter bags, however, pressure side pool cleaners don’t put any extra stress on your pool filter, and they can work efficiently in pools that suffer with problems of large debris. As pressure cleaners utilize your pool’s pump and can also use booster pumps during the process of cleaning, they do consume electricity. However, they’re also faster cleaners than some suctionside pool cleaners, using less power on a whole.

Robotic Pool Cleaners

Robotic pool cleaners come with motors that have been built in, and a system containing a pump, processor, and drive. The pump drags the water out of the pool in through the underside of the machine then sends it through a filter, before it released at the topside of the machine. The suction that is created here is what moves the cleaner over the surfaces throughout your pool and their technology forces the machine to move or change their direction should they come into contact with objects such as walls or steps. Robot pool cleaners are great for many different shapes and size of pool, and they are designed to work according to a pre-set cycle before shutting off. Most of the time, robot pool cleaners are considered to be the most efficient when it comes to energy, with a motor and filter built into the system. They can often pick up tiny particles from the waterline, steps and walls of a pool, as well as the floor and some models come with remote control features that allow you to focus cleaning on a particular spot. Contrastingly to suction or pressure side cleaners, a robotic pool cleaner should never be left inside of the pool when it isn’t actively cleaning, and the power cord that it needs to be plugged in can cause hazards around the pool.

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